Trial installation of Windows Server 8 and SQL Server 2012 – failed

As I stated yesterday evening, trial installation of Windows Server 8 followed by SQL Server 2012 was about to happen.
And it did. Without much success, though.
Windows Server 8 installation – no problem, 30 minutes and you’re done (I am using standard Toshiba Satellite L650-1NT laptop – Core i5 560, 4GB RAM, standard 250 GB HDD).
Sysprep and VM start after sysprepping – no problem as well, you’re set after 10 minutes.
SQL Server 2012 RTM – installation looks no different than SQL Server 2008/R2 or Denali. But… error occured during actual installation – no .NET Framework 3.5. How come? The previous installer used to detect missing .NET 3.5 and enable it. The setup continued till the end, but neither DB engine nor management tools have been installed.

So it’s a point to be validated – either new installer doesn’t check it and you have to enable .NET 3.5 prior to installation(which you should, BTW) or it’s a case of Windows Server 8 that does not get it’s features recognized (that would be a shame). More tests to come.


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