Catch-up and some things to do

Well, I haven’t been posting for quite a while. I had some busy time so some catching-up is in order.
First of all, I had a lot of work which will hopefully be reflected – I have designed and implemented a monitoring for replication (based on SQL Server Agent alerts), what may not be the most challenging task, but given the corporate environment around, all approvals and management involved, it grew up to a heroic task at some point. I will definitely share some of my experiences, as much as I hate replication.

Second, the DBA quiz is finished, and it is in order to provide an answer I expected. I guess the question itself was hard, since there were only 6 answers. I’m happy that all of them were correct and consistent up to some details.

I would also like to carry on the index subject since I promised four parts of index theory, posted only one, second and third are still unfinished. I’d like to complete part two this week and part three and four next week.

I have also proposed to my manager two courses on databases for colleagues – one called “Database 101”, second – “Database 301”. Initial idea had a warm reception, I’m looking for some details now. I will check if I can share my materials here, since it’s not even decided if it’s going to be in Polish or English.

And I can boast for a moment – I won a first thing for a long, long time. Kalen Delaney posted a competition on her twitter (@sqlqueen) where Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Internals books were prizes. I managed to forget about it but I got a very nice e-mail yesterday morning which cheered me up for whole week, saying that a book is waiting for me. I can’t wait to get it into my hands, definitely I will read it  once again.


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