[Story] Awful scripting

It happened to me few years ago, while I still was more developer than a DBA. I needed to create a database in development environment with identical structure to the one in production. Easy thing, you say, have a "Generate Scripts” wizard do the job. Well, you’ll see.

By the way, I would already omit one crucial detail – it was 3pm on Friday afternoon.

Since I don’t have enough rights to do it on my own (SOX forbid!), I go with a registered support request to admin team asking for a favour. The beginning was simple – Generate Scripts, all objects, new query window, 500 objects, a minute and we’re done. OK, let’s run, says he and clicks ‘”Execute”.

OMG, I thought seeing all those red messages in the query pane. Unable to login.

In about half an hour users start calling that they are unable to continue production and a factory is going to stop.

We call a senior admin with all the information we have and he says “restore the master”. “What?!” we ask. So in about an hour he drops by (he was already home), brings down the server, runs it in a single-user mode and restores master database from warm standby to primary production server. It takes him half an hour, factory doesn’t stop, the world is saved and we (me and the other guy who clicked Execute) are laughed at for a year. Morals?

  1. Be careful what you wish (script) for – it turned out that we scripted DROP and CREATE, for unknown reason. Double and triple check.
  2. If you have a script, but you’re unsure of it’s behaviour, don’t ever test it on production.
  3. If you have a job to do and it’s Friday afternoon, ask yourself if it can wait until Monday morning – you might have a weekend off.
  4. Have limited trust in the junior guys – let someone more experienced supervise them a bit.

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